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02-758 Warszawa
tel./fax. (22) 842-09-65
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Dear Sirs,

We wish to submit an offer of co-operation in range of investment engineering, in lines:

low current instalations,
mechanical .

We do all kinds of designs: from conceptual through construction documents to start ups. We also make modernisations of existing objects.

We are open on new technologies. We design energy-saving systems, easy in exploitation. Cost of investment is limited to indispensable minimum for standard of given object. We try to minimise waste of energy, designing systems using different kind of heat recovery.

Electric installations are designed based on latest standards and solutions using equipment of best manufacturers. We use modern technologies in relation to monitoring and integrated controls with systems that makes them more functional, increases comfort and safety and decreases costs of exploitation. It also makes easy service and diminishes failure frequency.

We execute all designs in CAD techniques. Internet connection makes us possible to send and receive drawings and exchange of other information in quick and unfailing manner.

Second section of L. S. AUTOMATION activity is execution of automation, measurement and control systems for industry; offices, hotels etc., we offer:

Complex solutions of controls for HVAC, refrigeration, and technological processes based on microprocessor controllers of renowned firms such as Johnson Controls, Landys & Gyr, Siemens.
Full range of design works - electrical, mechanical, controls, automatics, and measurements.
Complex deliveries of controls, measurements and visualisation systems.
Assembly of control and measurements systems.
Programming and assembly of industrial controllers systems.
Executing of installations: assembly control panels, connecting devices and start-up of complete installation.
We work out complete documentation with service manual, we execute training for service personnel.

If You are interested in co-operation with our firm in scope of services listened above, please contact us Sincerely.