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To present day we executed following designs and realisations:

ZMs. "Pozmeat", Poznan design of automatic controls with full visualisation for: HVAC in offices and social space, refrigeration engine room, freezing and cooling rooms in meat processing factory.
"Oriflame", Warsaw automatic controls for HVAC in high storage magazine, shipping rooms and offices; design and execution.
Danon "Cakes", Plonsk automatic controls for HVAC in egg-pulp preparation room; design and execution.
ZMs. "Kolo", Kolo automatic controls for cooling rooms and HVAC for shipping room in meat processing factory; design and execution.
"Pepsico Food International" Grodzisk automatic control for HVAC in high storage magazine and offices design and execution.
„Universal Leaf Tabacco” Jedrzejow IInstallation for steam production measurements, oil usage and alarms for steam boiler, boiler room HVAC control; design and execution.
SVZ „TOMASOWIA” Tomaszow Lubelski expertise Y2K of cooling engine room controls for fruits and vegetables processing factory, modernisation of ammonia freezing system, Alteration of mobile cooling engine room and connecting it to system; design and execution
„CITROEN” Warsaw Offer design of low current systems for car salon with workshop and offices in Warsaw
Business Center in Warsaw conception electrical and mechanical design for hotel and offices; about 150.000m2 space
“Jago” Cracow automatic control for HVAC for offices in frozen food storage, design and execution
"Czerska 18", Warsaw Complex design of electrical and low current instalations for building with flats and services
"Bobrowiecka 3", Warsaw Complex design of electrical and low current instalations for group of buildings with flats and services, in elaboration